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Portion Up App - Android Google play


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Take a load off your plate

Love Your Gastric Guru plate? Try the new The Gastric Guru Portion Control Mobile App. Now you can create your perfect portion at any time or place where food is served. The app is discrete and convenient making it easier to keep your portions within limits when you’re not at home.

With life constantly giving us new opportunities to fill up on the wrong foods, weight loss success takes dedication to careful meal planning.

Members often ask me for tips on how to get more variety in their meals. My first piece of advice is always to use a portion control plate as a guide for every meal. Then you’ll know you’re getting the right daily amount of protein, leafy veg, fibre and carbs. Take daily snaps of your meals to track your eating habits and grow attentive to what you eat. If your food choices are getting boring from day-to-day then it maybe it’s time to learn some new recipes?

But as you know, getting it right is never simple...

On busy days it’s impossible to plan every meal ahead of schedule. Since we’re all prone to making poor food choices on the go, the busier we are the harder it is to stick to the rules.

The Portion Control App makes life easier by giving you back control over what you eat. With this app you’re safe to order what you want and always know when enough really is enough.

Using this app every day will ensure you get used to eating small portions on any serving plate. Now you really can change your eating habits for life.

What’s more... the app is easy to use.

Simply hold your smartphone above your dish, select a filter, create your shot and save to camera roll. You can post images instantly to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share with others. You can even scroll back in time at saved images to track your progress.

The app is a monthly paid subscription that can be cancelled at any time.

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